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kids cheeseburgers at max and louie's new york diner

The Kids are Alright

The thing people love most about diners is that they’re family friendly. Everyone can order what they want to eat – moms and dads can order adult food, and there’s plenty of choices for the rest of your hungry family – even your pickiest kids. When our kids were young, our family ate at a

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fresh challah bread at max and louie's new york diner

Fresh Baked at Max & Louie’s

A lot of what we serve at Max & Louie’s is steeped in tradition. Like our light, eggy challah bread. If you come to the diner early in the morning, you’ll immediately bask in the wonderful aroma of bagels, challah and other baked from scratch deliciousness coming out of the oven. If you’d like to

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various milkshakes topped with sprinkles, a cupcake, pretzel rods, milk chocolate and white chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and a cookie

The Coolest Ice Cream Treats In Town

Here in South Texas the weather is always perfect for something from the soda fountain. So when we were creating our diner, we knew we wanted to give our guests the very best in cool, fun, classic soda fountain treats. Especially since we love them too. It’s generally believed that New Yorkers first got their

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close up of matzoh ball soup

Soup For You!

Nothing takes me back to my childhood like the aroma of chicken soup simmering on the stove. For holidays, special sabbath meals, when I had a cold, or just whenever the mood struck, my mother and my grandmother made chicken soup. There were always matzoh balls in the soup. Some families only had these special

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closeup of three handmade fountain drinks. One is slightly pink with a garnish of three cherries and two limes, another with clear soda and the third with pink soda.

Slurp Our Soda Fountain Treats

Seltzer water is known as sparkling water, soda water, and mineral water. Order it in a diner and it’s two cents plain. That’s because during the Great Depression of the 1930s, that soda fountain order cost just two cents. Back then, you’d pay a nickel for a chocolate soda and a dime for a glass

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Reuben + Rachel: Sibling Sandwiches

Nothing suggests an iconic order from a New York deli more than a Reuben sandwich. It’s no surprise that Max & Louie’s Reubens are among the diner’s most popular menu items. Its sibling sandwich, the Rachel sandwich, is almost as popular, and both have interesting histories. Of course the origin of the Reuben sandwich is

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closeup of pancake stack

Flip Over Max & Louie’s Pancakes!

If you’re looking for the best pancakes in San Antonio – we’ve got ‘em! People flip over our pancakes – and for good reason. They’re made from scratch to be fluffy and flavorful. And every single one is cooked to order. Plus, we serve them all day, every day, so whenever you’re in the pancake

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interior view of max and louie's diner

Diners, Delis, and Drew

When we opened the doors of Max & Louie’s New York Diner, people kept referring to it as a deli. We’ve since given up on making the distinction between a diner and a deli. Because, as a wise man once said, as long as they keep coming back, they can call it anything they want.

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close up photo of mix of fresh bagels with seeded toppings

Bagels, The Hole Story

Here’s the whole schmeer on bagels at Max & Louie’s New York Diner and deli. You’ll learn why our bagels are so darned delicious, and enjoy a behind-the-scenes peek at how they’re made. You can also see a video version of this blog on Max & Louie’s TV, our YouTube channel, by clicking on the

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close up of margherita pizza

A Little Bit of Italy

If you’ve ever been to New York City, you know you can get a slice of pizza on almost every corner – in addition to great Italian food in the restaurants and diners sprinkled all over the city. Here at Max & Louie’s New York Diner in San Antonio, we’re making the kind of Italian

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